From “Co-living” to “Soft seating”

The Lounge areas generate a feeling of home that facilitates collaboration and creativity

In the current work environment, where the rhythm is increasingly dynamic and the skills required are demanding. Experts directly relate the performance and profitability of work with the concepts of collaboration and motivation among professionals.

The trends that mark the creation of workspaces today are inspired by various concepts that inlcude; co-working, co-living, connectivity, open space, natural spaces, sociability, ergonomics, health, etc. These concepts contribute to general well-being and productivity at work.

In considering the Interior design of planning the office space, this should incorporate collaboration spaces that provide value to the professionals. These spaces can be lounge areas, that are comfortable and inspiring areas that generate a homely environment which as a result helps collaboration.

Soft seating furniture is designed for the collaboration areas, as they have a welcoming aspect. One of their main functions is to make the environment a more friendly and homely place. To achieve this, warm colour fabrics, bold, fun and soft lines are used. Also specifically designed office sofas, armchairs, low tables and puffs are also used which are reflective of the home environment.

The Soft Seating furniture, with a warm and cosy appearance, generates friendly and homely surroundings

And where do we find Soft Seating at the office?

– In areas of creative work, where a more informal and relaxed space is needed to develop ideas and concepts.

– In areas of collaboration and meeting since in the majority of the cases they increase the degree of collaboration, involvement and creativity of the people.

– In relaxation areas such as canteens, recreational areas and rest spaces.

– As auxiliary furniture in offices, where elements such as pouffes, meeting booths and high tables provide flexibility and agility in the office space.

– In reception areas, to project warm positive feelings about the company.

There are four collections as part of the Forma 5 soft seating range. All of which come in a wide range of finishes and customisation options. Included in these ranges are the Glove Lounge and Bow collections which include armchairs and low tables. There is also the Let’s collection which provides meeting booths, module sofas and auxiliary tables. Additionally the Cyl collection provides flexible soft seating range.

In summary, the soft seating furniture and lounge areas for leisure, relaxation, meetings and collaboration are fundamental in companies that want to generate value. They do so by creating motivation and creativity with employees in the office space.