Forma 5 is participating at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

London Showroom

14-18 Old Street London
T +44 (0)20 7490 8421
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This is London’s premier Design and Architecture show for our industry and takes part between the 22rd -24th May 2018.
The show provides the leading firms to showcase their designs that are contributing to the latest trends in the industry. CDW is emerging as the key event in the UK design calendar and is fast becoming a significant European event.

Clerkenwell has the highest concentration of furniture showrooms, architectural and design studios in London. Forma 5 now plays an active part within the community after an 10 year presence. Finally, we have been invited to contribute to the event as we have been seen as influential designers and innovators within our field.

Participating in this prestigious event by opening up the London showroom reinforces the company as one of the world’s leading reference points in architecture, design and product.
300 brands will be participating in total this year with over 35000 registered visitors.

It is an innovative space that serves to consolidate our presence in the international market

In the very heart of Paris, only a 10 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, is the new Forma 5 Showroom. It is an innovative space that serves to consolidate our presence in the international market and has been designed to be a new meeting point for professionals within the office interior industry.
Baptised as “Le Patio” due to its social character being associated with an outdoor space but inside, this is the new signature look of Forma 5. The “patios” are a characteristic of Andalusia, an attempt to evoke the culture from our land and transfer its essence internationally; providing a complete experience at every visit.
In this showroom you can view the latest product launches such as the Drone meeting table, the Allure armchairs, the Skala height adjustable table or a large representation of the Let’s Family. All finished using the new trend in warm, inspiring and homely colours.

This new meeting point, located in an attractive Parisian environment, will draw many visitors, not only from the capital, but also from different parts of the country.

Forma 5 offer more than 350 m2 of inspiring product innovations and prime meeting space.If you wish to visit the showroom, and we strongly advise you do, please do not hesitate to arrange a visit by phone on +33 611 010 665 or email

Boardrooms seek to convey the values, philosophy and direction of the company.

The meeting rooms have now become “the nerve centre” of any company. In addition to the sharing of ideas, teamwork, departmental and interdepartmental meetings and decision-making, boardrooms seek to convey the values, philosophy and direction of the company. The image projected through the furniture makes an impression on who visits it, and Drone gets it at first glance.


The Drone meeting table programme was designed to professionally equip these rooms with an offer that goes beyond a meeting table. There is a wide range to choose from,with the possibility of using add-on tables, plus the integration of modern electrification in its work surface thanks to a studied system of cable management and accessories such as power modules and modesty panels.

The task version of Drone presents a surface in melamine board, whereas the executive version offers natural wood for the table tops. The legs, made of steel and aluminum, help to generate a structure with a light appearance but with remarkable resistance and durability.

Drone has been designed by Gabriel Teixidó together with the collaboration of the R + D Department at Forma 5.The aim was to get optimal solutions for these rooms where “the life of the company” is managed, and obtaining a program that, in addition to being integrated at the aesthetic level, provides practical solutions for work meetings.


One of the most significant architectural buildings ever undertaken in Andalusia

Over 600 workstations, with accessories, installed in just over one month into one of the most significant architectural buildings ever undertaken in Andalusia. Each room presenting a challenge to integrate the furniture into meeting rooms, training rooms, courts as well as task and executive positions; always with an eye to be sympathetic to the subtle colour pallet. This was the remit for Forma 5.

The City of Justice in Cordoba has been a challenge to Forma 5 that could only be solved in one way: by seeking and obtaining the trust of the customer and the team of architects involved in the project. Set against one of the most demanding programmes :- F25,Sentis,Travel,Plural and other ranges provided solutions to all the functions required by the people performing all the key judicial functions in Cordoba. The building has been awarded the highest energy efficiency ratings. This was aided by integrating furniture developed from a single source that ultimately contributed to the overall architectural affect.

A project of this magnitude requires careful study. The justice rooms required a special finish to the furniture that provided contrast to, but didn’t clash with, the rest of the elements.

The City of Justice in Cordoba, opened its doors back in September 2017,but the relocation of its headquarters will not be completed until the beginning of 2018. All the key aspects are now operational and the Forma 5 portfolio has been adapted, customized, supplied and serviced to ensure the final result will exceed the client’s expectations.


pCon.planner is the most important professional interior design software on the market because it is easy to use and offers a lot of possibilites.

The latest update of the Forma 5 portfolio of products is now available on the pCon.planner space creation platform. This update is perhaps the most important since the implementation of the Forma 5 products into the program, because now, in addition to introducing new programs – 3.60 and Kineo – the existing content has been revised, the finishes and upholstery have been updated to reflect the options within the 2018 price list.

Soon we will be launching another new phase of Forma 5 products on the pCon.planner platform that will include the Let’s Family that is not yet included such as: Let’s Meet panels, Let’s Think and Let’s Talk.

pCon.planner is the most important professional interior design software on the market because it is easy to use and offers a lot of possibilites. In a matter of minutes, solutions can be offered giving clients ideas on how their space could look. In addition, renders are created that show the offer in different formats compatible with most professional technical programs.

If you want to know more about this application you can go to the pCon.planner section, on the homepage, or visit our YouTube channel where you can find some explanatory videos. In addition, we recommend using the application for mobile phones and tablets (IOSAndroid) that allows simple implementations at any time and without any difficulty in its use.

The most successful and innovative display of all the new products from Forma 5

A new edition of Orgatec has finished, and now is time to think about what happened. This is the most successful and innovative edition in which Forma 5 has participated, according to the comments related to the stand, the product and the philosophy of the company.

This prestigious international fair also served to strengthen the orientation of Forma 5 to the international market, receiving visitors from over 80 countries all over the planet.

Within an area of 420m2  Forma 5 displayed the very latest trends in the modern office with a special emphasis on solutions for concentration ,collaboration and meeting areas. These ‘new ways of working ‘ were especially focused on the Let’s series which provides fresh ideas to the new requirements within the office.

In addition the introduction of the new Kineo and 3.60 task chairs with their Side 2 Side movement for seat and backrest caused a great sensation amongst visitors to the stand.

Overall, Orgatec 2016 reinforced Forma 5 ‘s position within the industry as leaders in design and innovation coupled with the best in customer service.


This edition is available in four languages: Spanish, English, French and German.

The new digital product magazine for 2017 is now available to download since of “downloads” section from the website.

This indispensable document has a refreshed image and full information on all our products. There is no loss of detail in the latest edition and is sure to get the usual positive response from our clients.

For those who still require the printed version, please contact your local Dealer Service Department.

Products Magazine 2017 – Download

After an intense work, the team of Development of Product in collaboration with other areas of Quality, Marketing or Production among others, the 3.60 Task Chair has been launched to the market.
They have been 2 years of research in a totally innovative concept on the market, bet on a sure thing that it will suppose a revolution for the user.

But so much effort cannot depend only on a good product, so it has also developed powerful Marketing and Communication campaign to announce and try the amazing 3.60.

The most important actions to emphasize the 3.60 Task Chair are:

Microsite with the information of the chair will lodge. This microsite has an innovative, technical and attractive design.
• Video: the commercial video that catches the attention of the spectator and transmits the emotions of the product; another video that highlights the innovative and technical character of the chair, underline the process of product development; and a third that explains in a didactic way, the 3.60 ajustments.
• A catalogue with images that the product highlights and that summarizes the benefits of the new dynamic balancing system of 3.60.
• Technical features.
• The Tecnalia quality mark certificate.
• Biomechanic and ergonomic analysis of the task chair.
• 2.0 Communication.

These actions pretend to present 3.60 in an attractive way and to raise a strong interest in this Task Chair. But, undoubtedly, the best marketing tool will be … to test the chair. The conviction will be absolute.

Umana compares the chair with the benefits that it produces to be sitting on a pilates ball

Forma 5 has been collaborating for some years with Biomechanic research as the IBV (Biomechanic Institute of Valencia) or Umana, specialists in Biomechanic and Occupational Health. As consequence, many of the programs of their portfolio are certified after having passed successfully the tests and their pertinent proofs.

A few months ago, Forma 5 sent the 3.60 Task Chair to the Umana company, which has been responsible to test and elaborate a report that has resulted a highly satisfactory grade.

In this way, Umana compares the chair with the benefits that it produces to be sitting on a pilates ball, because when the ball swings, the body is in a constant tension and looking for the balance. In case of 3.60, thanks to the mechanism that allows it to swing head on and laterally, in this case with a synchro movement, the task chair produces the same effect. In addition, it is combined with a better support thanks to the backrest, the armrests and the lumbar adjustment.

For this reason, with the continued use in the office, it produces benefits for the body such as the improvement of the physical condition, the contact comfort, the posture of the body, the comfort in the back and even it prevent sweating.

Other certificate programs are Eben or Sentis.

The combination to work from a sitting or standing position allows to reduce the sedentary lifestyle in the office

Skala is the result of the study about people, of the health at work and the application of the ergonomic guidelines to the office desks.

The height adjustment of the Skala program, extend the natural use of the office desk and it allows a better accommodation to the user’s physiology and anatomy in every moment.

The Skala desk could be used and be regulated by a multiple user and, on the other hand, they can become into a spontaneous meeting place and sharing ideas.

As a complement to this important advance, an exclusive and free software is available in our Website. The principal points of the software are the following ones:

• It allows to establish a few aims depending on the user’s height and weight.
• It allows to see the daily advance to get to the goal.
• Depending on this aim, the software informs the user about when it is advisable to work of foot.
• It shows the burned calories and the usage history of the desk.
• It shows the real height of the desk.
• It incorporates a memory of three positions that the user chooses.
• Statistics on usage

The combination to work from a sitting or standing position allows to reduce the sedentary lifestyle in the office what reverberates in a direct way in the user’s health. In addition, the incorporation of the dynamism in the daily day increases the motivation and, thus, the efficiency of the users.