The City of Justice

Client—Junta de Andalucía
Location—Córdoba, Spain
Products—Sense, Sentis, Glove, Zama, Travel, V30, Storage, Bucs, Special product.

The new City of Justice building has created a space that brings together the various delegations from all over Cordoba. The facility is 51,000 m2 and houses 700 magistrates, judges and civil servants working for the region. The building has incorporated Moorish influences reflecting the rich history of Cordoba. The building has used the latest technology to provide maximum energy efficiency; the first of its kind in the region.

Many of the 26 rooms within the building have been furnished by Forma 5.The Sentis and Sense chairs were selected as they provide each user with optimum comfort and long term spinal health.
Also, the multipurpose Glove chairs provide a variety of colourful shells and structures to brighten up the space with a fun modern style. The judges and magistrates enjoy generous wide workstations with clean cable management both above and below the worksurfaces. Finally, great care was taken to select the right finish within the visitor’s areas that perfectly married with the environment and other demands of this very special unique building.