The new Blok series gives rise to a whole range of compositions and possibilities to personalise your own design that can be adapted to the needs of each department and workstation. Included in the wide array of products of this series are individual desks, compact desks, arc desks, U-shaped desks, bench, among others. It has an upholstered or melamine panel-divider for the bench desk, which makes Blok different. This consists of a single piece that provides strength, independence and class that can combined with a wide variety of elements. The series is finished off with a range of its own pedestals, table-high cabinets and cable management products.


Based on the simplicity of combining rectangular and perpendicular shapes

Space solutions

The system configuration of the Blok series ensures the optimal uti¬lisation of the spaces. With a Bench of 2, 4 and 6 positions, Block facilita¬tes the relations and the flows of in¬formation betwen users, integrating them into the work enviroment.

Blok also provides optional storage options, like the desk high cabinets or the pedestals