Vektor Executive



The Vektor range reflects the evolution of traditional executive furniture, moving towards a more up-to-date aesthetic, which is in keeping with new trends in light and avant-garde spaces. The design detail is of importance in the two different styles that form part of this range: an arch-shaped supporting frame with a metal finish and a wall support consisting of a honeycomb-core panel made from the highest quality wood.The design also features an integrated storage system, which is suspended from the frame (both arch-shaped and wall-mounted). The effect created by the suspended storage system adds another distinguishing touch to the design, which has been optimised by and for spatial balance.



A touch of distinction to a design optimized for the spatial balance

Ring Vektor

Vektor S1 has original solutions for managerial workstations with steel legs which create an idea of lightness and sturdiness. The double access to the suspended drawer unit from the workstation provides total optimisation of space. The outside is lacquered in white or black and finished in the same natural wood shade as the tabletop; the drawer unit adds balance and elegance to the combination.

Panel Vektor

Vektor S2 combines planes and volume, horizontality and verticality. A sober wooden structure joins the tabletop to the support of the whole. The drawer unit, suspended from the wall, has the same finish as the table and comes in different sizes and finishes, giving the model a large and solid appearance. The finish of the inside of the drawer unit and the structural wall is the same as that of the tabletop. The outside of the drawer unit, lacquered in white or black, is contrasted with the warmth of the wood achieving balance and distinction.

Materials of the highest quality to provide the best performance in executive positions