by I+D+I FORMA 5

The beauty of simple lines, the austerity of a refined design, the executive style of light, high-quality chairs applied to the technology and ergonomics of the workplace.

With its e+ range, Forma 5 has focused on comfort, good posture in the workplace for users who spend hours sitting down, and the elegance of managerial and executive offices.



Three types of optional armrests: Aluminum injection, 3D and 4D

Directional aesthetics and ergonomics

E+ includes chairs where the back and the seat are gently curved to follow the shape of the person, thus providing comfort and rest for the user. This feeling is made even stronger, thanks to the shape and quality of the injected foam in the seat, and the range of adjustment (Synchro, advanced Shyncro and Trasla seat depth adjustment optional). The unit is completed with the modern look provided by the aluminium arms integrated with the backrest or with 3D or 4D arms, and an optional head rest, that also curves.

The range includes high-back chairs, with or without head rests, and cantilever leg visitors’ chairs