Garrett Theater

Client — Teatro Garrett
Dealer — V Mais
Location — Povoa, Portugal
Year — 2014
Products — Marlene

Forma 5 has been participated in the Garrett Theatre, helping to furnish this historic place that has lived countless opening nights of comedies and dramas.

The Portuguese theatre, located in the coastal town of Povoa de Varzim in the district of Oporto, was built in wood in 1873 and early twentieth century became a landmark for culture and celebrity of the moment and that It was the place where the play were performed for the first time, especially the Spanish and the Portuguese plays. Over the years, this landmark had been deteriorating and in 2009 the council embarked on a reform plan to remodel the entire interior while keeping intact the historical facade.

The interior design plan has turned this building into a modern, contemporary space, with the interior finished in wood, privileging the acoustics, lighting and display with an elegant line, and reminiscing the prestige of the place. The 450 seats of Marlene high-backrest program were chosen in orange fabric, according to the wood tone, promoting the comfort and concentration desirable for this type of event.

The Garrett project was made in late 2014 with the collaboration and managing of our supplier Vector Mais, from Lisbon.