Forma 5 furnishes ICEX headquarters

Forma 5 completed the assembly and installation of furniture for the new headquarters of ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) in Madrid. A four floor building which have planned more than 1,000 workstations.

ICEX is a public organisation dedicated to promoting the internalization of Spanish companies and, thus, required for its new offices not only the implementation of workstations for its extensive staff and the variety of tasks carried out there, but also required a functional furniture that promotes communication, teamwork and interaction between all users.

For this, the project specially designed for ICEX was based on Let’s, Logos, Cube, Vektor, V30, Cuore, E +, Eben, Cappa and Glove programs. A project in which work areas are clearly differentiated: areas of senior management, more administrative areas, areas of common resources: meeting rooms, dining rooms, information and training, informal meeting places, etc.

The result has been very satisfactory as the new offices of ICEX stand out as a comfortable, natural and human space, a place where work and communication flows freely because every space can serve a formal or informal meeting between users.

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