Drone: a new generation of meeting tables

Boardrooms seek to convey the values, philosophy and direction of the company.

The meeting rooms have now become “the nerve centre” of any company. In addition to the sharing of ideas, teamwork, departmental and interdepartmental meetings and decision-making, boardrooms seek to convey the values, philosophy and direction of the company. The image projected through the furniture makes an impression on who visits it, and Drone gets it at first glance.


The Drone meeting table programme was designed to professionally equip these rooms with an offer that goes beyond a meeting table. There is a wide range to choose from,with the possibility of using add-on tables, plus the integration of modern electrification in its work surface thanks to a studied system of cable management and accessories such as power modules and modesty panels.

The task version of Drone presents a surface in melamine board, whereas the executive version offers natural wood for the table tops. The legs, made of steel and aluminum, help to generate a structure with a light appearance but with remarkable resistance and durability.

Drone has been designed by Gabriel Teixidó together with the collaboration of the R + D Department at Forma 5.The aim was to get optimal solutions for these rooms where “the life of the company” is managed, and obtaining a program that, in addition to being integrated at the aesthetic level, provides practical solutions for work meetings.


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