Environmental commitment

“4320 solar panels, over 15,000 m2, this makes the company saves the planet the emission of 1000 tonnes CO2”

The commitment is not based only on words. For Forma 5, the word “commitment” means action, movement, and support. It is not possible to commit to something if it never gets carried out. Therefore, Forma 5 is committed to help the environment, looking after it and preserving it.

Being very aware that we need nature to carry out our work, our commitment is much higher because we care. This is what makes us go on day after day. We want this entire move to reach our customers, suppliers and distributors, involving all the people who are in our control to preserve the environment.

What has made Forma 5 achieve this? Forma 5, has 4320 solar panels that cover most of the surface of the roof of our facilities, that is over 15,000 m2. This makes the company less dependent on electricity and saves the planet the emission of 1000 tonnes CO2.

Furthermore, all products manufactured by Forma 5 are 100% recyclable, even including the packaging in which the products are packed. To all this, we must add the certificates showing that Forma 5 meets all the requirements of environmental management, as well as the certificate ISO 14001 accredited.