Of global significance, architectural prowess and always under strict deadlines: The City of Justice

One of the most significant architectural buildings ever undertaken in Andalusia

Over 600 workstations, with accessories, installed in just over one month into one of the most significant architectural buildings ever undertaken in Andalusia. Each room presenting a challenge to integrate the furniture into meeting rooms, training rooms, courts as well as task and executive positions; always with an eye to be sympathetic to the subtle colour pallet. This was the remit for Forma 5.

The City of Justice in Cordoba has been a challenge to Forma 5 that could only be solved in one way: by seeking and obtaining the trust of the customer and the team of architects involved in the project. Set against one of the most demanding programmes :- F25,Sentis,Travel,Plural and other ranges provided solutions to all the functions required by the people performing all the key judicial functions in Cordoba. The building has been awarded the highest energy efficiency ratings. This was aided by integrating furniture developed from a single source that ultimately contributed to the overall architectural affect.

A project of this magnitude requires careful study. The justice rooms required a special finish to the furniture that provided contrast to, but didn’t clash with, the rest of the elements.

The City of Justice in Cordoba, opened its doors back in September 2017,but the relocation of its headquarters will not be completed until the beginning of 2018. All the key aspects are now operational and the Forma 5 portfolio has been adapted, customized, supplied and serviced to ensure the final result will exceed the client’s expectations.


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